today get EST
82.5 / 100 le...
1st time get so high ..
the english test oso ..
tis few days duno do wat ..
sudenly become so pro liao..
but maths juz 73..
so bad...
all my subject oso juz pass and fail..

actually swan birthday is 23/5
bt tmr nt free
so today go to celebrate
me , shujun,ahting,serene,swan and lijing go menjalara station one eat 
eat liao rm 150...
when nid to pay bil..
realize tat my purse is nt enough ,..
then stil wan swan to pay it..
so WAT la...
bt we will return the money to her..
and she muz feel very surprise 

when shujun send me back ..
i heard tat myfm gt nicholas singapore concert contest ..
then i quickly call in ..
bt no pp want to accept it .
so dissapointed and sad .. 
i really wan to go NICHOLAS SINGAPORE CONCERT ON 31 MAY ..
hope tat
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